Несвит, 5. Unit 2. Lesson 5

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1. Helen came to a new school in autumn. Disagree.
2. The new pupil sat down at the desk behind Jane. Disagree.
3. Helen was very shy at first. Agree.
4. Dan was not good with Helen. Disagree.
5. All children wanted to make friends with Helen. Agree.
6. Helen was lonely in her new school. Disagree.
a) 1. Did the girl stand near the door? Yes, she did.
Why did she stand near the door? Because she was a new pupil in the class.
2. Did the new girl wear a furry blue coat? Yes, she did.
Why did she wear a furry coat? Because it was winter and it was cold.
3. Did Miss Alison speak to her? Yes, she did.
4. Did Miss Alison point to the door? No, she didn’t.
What did she point to? She pointed to the desk.
5. Did the girl smile to the children? No, she didn’t.
Why didn’t she smile? Because she was very shy.
6. Did the children want to make friends with Helen? Yes, they did.
Why did they want to make friends with her? Because they liked her.
7. Did the children talk about a new girl? Yes, they did.
8. Were they going to be nice to her? Yes, they were. They wanted to be nice to make friends with her.
9. Was Helen going to be lonely in her new school? No, she wasn’t going to be lonely.
b) 1. Did your mum give you lunch to school yesterday?
2. He said that he was busy.
3. Where did Helen sit in the classroom?
4. The wind blew hard yesterday.
5. I ate breakfast yesterday morning.
6. Robert wore school uniform when he went to school.
7. We never spoke at the lessons.
8. My father took my younger sister to school yesterday.
Helen was a new pupil in the class. She was a very shy girl. The children were nice to her because they wanted to be friends with her. The children were very kind and helpful to her. Helen was not lonely in her new school.
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