Несвит, 5. Unit 2. Lesson 6

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1c; 2a; 3b; 4d.
1. People cannot live without friends. All people have to speak with other people, tell about problems and happy things. People must have someone who can help at any moment.
2. The person can have many traits of character, but it is good when people are kind, helpful, cheerful, attentive to other people, honest, hardworking.
3. It is bad when people are rude, noisy, dull, boring. It is not pleasant to communicate with such people.
4. Yes, I think it is difficult to find a real friend you can always rely on. You can have many friends, but you always have only one close friend.
5. I think that a friend is a person who can help you at any moment when you need this help. All other people are just classmates.
6. Yes, it is difficult to be a good friend. Because it is necessary to be attentive to other people and care about them.
7. Yes, I try to be a good friend. And if it is necessary I can change my behaviour a little.
I think I would like to travel with cheerful people. It is interesting to travel with people who know much and can tell about many interesting things during the journey. It is interesting to speak to them and discuss different questions about school life. It is also important to travel with people who are attentive and helpful. Then you will have a good and unforgettable time together.
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