Несвит, 5. Unit 2. Lesson 9

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a) 1. Lily is a big sister. Agree.
2. Mary is a big sister. Disagree.
3. The girls will have birthdays next week. Agree.
4. Mary knows what big sisters usually do. Agree.
5. Lily likes to be a little sister. Agree.
b) 1. Lily wanted to be a little sister because she wanted to do the things little children are usually allowed to do.
2. Mary picked the puzzle pieces. Then she helped her sister to stand up when she had fallen. She gave her favourite toy and said not to cry.
3. I think Lily wasn’t tried to be a little sister. She just understood that it wasn’t bad to be a big sister.
had — have brought — bring said — say took — take put — put
1) I have got a very good friend. It is my dog.
2) Yesterday our teacher asked us to bring coloured pencils.
3) I took two books from the library. I always take interesting books there.
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