Несвит, 5. Unit 3. Lesson 10

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1. Peter was cleaning his teeth in the bathroom yesterday morning when the lights went out. So he stopped washing.
2. While Sam was opening the front door the key broke. So he phoned his mother.
1. Tom came into the classroom while the pupils were writing a test.
2. Somebody knocked at the door while mother was cooking dinner in the kitchen.
3. Kim came to Ann’s place while Ann was washing up.
4. Dan lost his wallet while he was doing shopping.
5. The electricity went off while Alex was watching TV.
1. Kim is cleaning her room. Kim was cleaning her room yesterday.
2. Steve is writing a birthday card. Steve was writing a birthday card yesterday.
3. We are swimming in the swimming-pool. We were swimming in the swimming-pool yesterday.
4. Ann is putting the plates in the cupboard. Ann was putting the plates in the cupboard.
5. Steve and Molly are helping in the kitchen. Steve and Molly were helping in the kitchen yesterday.
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