Несвит, 5. Unit 3. Lesson 5

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— What shall I do with potatoes?
— Feel them first, then boil them and then mash them.
— What shall I do with pepper?
— Wash it and then chop it.
— What shall I do with meat?
— Slice it and then grill it.
— What shall I do with beetroot?
— Wash and bake it.
— What shall I do with mushrooms?
— Slice them first and then fry them.
The children made special birthday cards for their mother. Steve got good marks at school. Molly cleaned the house and kept all her toys and clothes in order. Father planned a birthday breakfast.
They cooked the breakfast. They cleaned and tidied up the kitchen. When mother came into the kitchen, they said “Happy birthday, dear Mama”.
Ann: I’m hungry. Let’s make some egg sandwiches.
Dan: OK. I think we’ve got some eggs. How many eggs do you need?
Ann: Two. Have we got any cheese or tomatoes?
Dan: Yes, we have got some cheese and tomatoes. But how much cheese and how many tomatoes do we need?
Ann: 100 grams of cheese and two tomatoes.
Dan: Is there any ketchup?
Ann: There is some ketchup, but not much.
Dan: Oh, no! I love ketchup.
Ann: It’s OK, Dan. I’ll go and buy some.
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