Несвит, 5. Unit 3. Lesson 8

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1b; 2f; 3a; 4d; 5c; 6e.
Ann doesn’t have to get up early at the weekend.
Ann doesn’t have to go to school at the weekend.
Ann has to visit her grandparents.
Aim doesn’t have to do her homework.
Ann has to help her mother to wash up.
Ann doesn’t have to go to the library.
Ann has to clean the rooms.
Ann has to dust the furniture.
1. Ann had to help her mum in the kitchen. Agree.
2. She had to dust the furniture in her mother’s room. Disagree.
3. Ann put her jacket and trousers in the washing machine. Disagree.
4. She heard a noise in the next room. Agree.
5. The cat knocked a vase off the table. Agree.
6. Ann sat down at her desk and read a book. Disagree.
7. Jane invited Ann for a walk. Agree.
It is Sunday. Sunday is always busy in the country. My Granny has to bake a cake for the family. Mum has to wash up and iron the clothes. Dad has to mend the fence. Granddad has to water the flowers and trees. Dan has to sweep the path and to wash the car.
Ann has to tidy up the room. After that she has to wash the cat and to feed the birds.
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