Несвит, 5. Unit 3. Lesson 9

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When I am ill I do not have to carry heavy things.
I have to drink hot milk with honey.
I don’t have to run much.
I have to take lots of vitamin C.
I don’t have to drink cold water.
I have to take medicine.
Ann had to stay in bed. She had to take care of her leg. Dan had to help her to do different things about the house. He didn’t have to shut the window. He didn’t have to turn on the light in the kitchen. He had to hand her the remote control for the TV set.
1) — Hello, dear. What are you doing?
— Hello, Mum. I’m reading a book.
— I have to stay at work late. Can you go shopping?
— OK, Mum. What shall I have to buy?
— Buy some bread, a kilo of potatoes, some tomatoes and a kilo of sausages. And don’t forget to buy a packet of milk.
— Yes, I’ll do it.
2) — I got a letter from my grandparents yesterday. I have to write a letter to them. But I’ve broken my right arm and I cannot write.
— That’s a pity.
— Can you help me?
— What shall I have to do?
— Write a letter to my grandparents. Tell them that I’m OK.
— Yes. What else shall I have to write?
— Write that I’ll visit them in summer.
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