Несвит, 5. Unit 4. Lesson 3

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Mike Tame plays computer games.
Abby Green trains in the gym every day before classes.
Maryna Teslenko doesn’t want to be a professional sportsman.
Abby Green wants to be famous.
Maryna Teslenko is sure that sport helps everyone to be strong and healthy.
Mike Tame does his homework before school.
1. A: What are you doing on Saturday afternoon?
B: I’m free. Why?
A: How about going to the cinema?
B: OK. I’ll meet you there at 3. 00.
2. A: When are you going back to London?
B: I’m going back in the morning.
A: Let’s meet and go to a cafe.
3. A: Why don’t we go to the park this afternoon?
В: I can’t. I’m going out with my parents this afternoon.
A: How about tomorrow?
B: Good idea!
4. A: What are you doing after school?
В: I am going swimming. Do you want to come?
A: I can’t come. I’m playing basketball.
5. A: are you going to my party on Friday?
B: Yes, I am.
A: Why don’t you bring cassettes and CDs?
B: OK. I’ll bring some.
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