Несвит, 5. Unit 4. Lesson 4

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a) 1. Ann and Kim were standing near the tents.
2. Jane was taking some water from the stream.
3. Dan and Alex were putting up a tent.
4. Tom was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.
5. Alex was wearing a sports suit.
b) When the rain started the children were busy.
Dan and Alex were putting a tent. Tom and Steve were making a fire. Jane was taking water from the stream.
The girls were cooking dinner.
Some boys were playing with a ball.
What was Jane wearing?
How many boys were playing with a ball?
How many tents were there in the picture?
Were the girls making a fire?
Who was putting up a tent?
Alex: You are very fit. Do you exercise every day?
Dan: Yes, I do.
Alex: What do you do?
Dan: I go swimming.
Alex: What time do your trainings start?
Dan: At four o’clock. I finish at six o’clock and go home.
Alex: Do you swim in the swimming-pool?
Dan: Yes, I do. I train there from October till May. In summer I go to the seaside or have a rest on the bank of the river.
Alex: Does Steve go with you?
Dan: No, he doesn’t. He is fond of football. And he is quite good at it.
1. Tom uses his computer every day.
2. Tina trained in the gym yesterday.
3. Sue is doing her homework now.
4. They want to become Olympic champions.
5. Do you enjoy learning new English words?
6. Where were you last summer?
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