Несвит, 5. Unit 4. Lesson 6

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1. Mr Parker watched the news and documentaries every evening.
2. He didn’t read newspapers and visit his friends because he liked to sit comfortably in front of his TV set.
3. Mrs Parker liked TV because it helped her to look after her daughter Molly.
4. While Mrs Parker was cooking, Molly was watching her favourite cartoons.
5. One day their TV set went wrong.
6. At first the Parkers watched their favourite programmes at their friends’ houses.
7. Yes, life is possible without TV.
At 10 o’clock yesterday evening the Parkers were at home. Their grandfather was sitting in his armchair. He was sleeping. Their granny was knitting in the armchair.
Father was reading a newspaper. Mother was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Their son was on the sofa. He was eating popcorn and watching TV. Their daughter was reading a book. The dog was sleeping in the middle of the room.
1. Who likes to watch soap operas in your family?
2. What TV channels does your brother watch most?
3. What kind of programmes do you like best of all?
4. Who is your favourite TV reporter?
5. Which famous English actors do you know?
6. Which channel is this film on?
I was writing a letter for forty minutes yesterday.
I was doing the shopping for an hour yesterday.
I was playing the piano for two hours and a half yesterday.
I was looking through my collection of stamps for twenty minutes yesterday.
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