Несвит, 5. Unit 4. Lesson 7

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In summer Molly, Steve and their parents were at the seaside.
I think they were swimming, playing on the beach and having fun.
I think the weather was very good.
1. Molly was watching sea gulls on the sand. Disagree.
2. The little sea gull stood by a woman who was catching a fish. Agree.
3. The woman shared her fish with the little sea gull. Disagree.
4. The man shared his hot dog with the little sea gull. Disagree.
5. Steve fed big sea gulls. Agree.
6. The little sea gull caught the bread in mid-air. Agree.
1. What was Molly doing at the seaside?
2. Where did the little sea gull stand?
3. Did the man share his hot dog with the little sea gull?
4. Who wanted to share a piece of bread with the little sea gull?
5. Could the little sea gull get close to the children?
6. What did Steve do?
a) Our planet is a wonderful place to live on. There are a lot of birds singing for us in the morning. The mornings are usually beautiful. It is nice when the sun shines through the trees and on the grass. They look gold. It is really lovely to wake up early in summer.
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