Несвит, 5. Unit 4. Lesson 8

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a) Dan is going to get up at ten o’clock on Saturday. He is going to have breakfast after that. He is going to watch a basketball match in the morning. In the afternoon he is going to go for a walk with his friends. After that they are going to go to the cinema. In the evening Dan is going to play football with his friends on the sports ground.
Last Sunday I went to the theatre with my mother. When we arrived to the theatre we could see many people in the hall. Some of them had programmes. We bought one for us. Then we took our seats. We could see a beautiful palace on the stage and hear beautiful music. The scenery was fantastic. We enjoyed the performance greatly.
My grandfather collected stamps when he was a boy. He began to learn many interesting facts about history. And lie knew many interesting stories about famous people, too. He kept his collection in special album. Later when he travelled he always brought many stamps for his collection.
1. The children were looking through their stamp collection at 6 o’clock yesterday.
2. Last summer my relatives had a rest at the seaside.
3. Mrs Brown was watching TV when somebody knocked at the door.
4. Dan was writing a composition when his mother came into the room.
The boy was embarrassed yesterday because he had a very unhappy day. First he missed his bus and that is why he was late for the lesson. The children were writing a test when he came in. The teacher was angry. The headmaster came and saw him when he was standing at the door.
After that his schoolbag fell on the floor and he had to look for all his things. When he was looking for his things the bell rang for the next lesson. The boy was late again.
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