Несвит, 5. Unit 5. Lesson 2

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a) We should wash our hands before every meal.
We should breathe in fresh air.
We should clean our teeth.
We should keep our body clean.
We should eat healthy food (fruit and vegetables).
We should go in for sport.
We should visit our doctor regularly.
We should keep our home clean,
b) Health is the best wealth for people.
1. When we are ill we sometimes have a high temperature.
2. Very often the cause of illness is dirt.
3. We must clean our teeth twice a day.
4. We must always keep our home clean.
1. Mary looks ill. Her face is white.
2. May I sit in that armchair, please? It looks very comfortable.
3. You seem very tired, Peter. Go to bed early tonight.
4. John seems very happy. He always has a smile on his face.
5. The children seem very busy. They are working hard.
6. This sum looks very difficult, but I will try to do it.
1. healthy
2. wealth
3. pain
4. dirt
5. germs
6. temperature
When we are ill we have a high temperature.
Wash your hands, they are dirty.
Do morning exercises, go for walks, eat fruit and vegetables and you’ll be healthy.
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