Несвит, 5. Unit 5. Lesson 3

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b) A: How do you feel?
В: I feel tired.
A: Oh, dear. I’m sorry to hear that.
A: How do you feel?
В: I don’t feel very well.
A: Oh, dear. I’m sorry to hear that.
A: How do you feel?
В: I feel fine.
A: That’s good.
1. — Does Dan feel hot?
— Yes, he does. He feels hot.
2. — Does Kim feel thirsty?
— No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t feel thirsty.
3. — Does Tom feel fine?
— Yes, he docs. He feels fine.
4. — Does the worker look tired?
— Yes, he does. He looks tired.
5. — Does the farmer look angry?
— No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t look angry.
6. — does the little boy look cheerful?
— Yes, he does. He looks cheerful.
Denis: Hello!
Olena: Hi, Denis! This is Olena. How are you?
Denis: Not very well. I have got a cold. I must stay in bed. My temperature was very high yesterday.
Olena: Oh, no! Sorry to hear that. Did the doctor visit you yesterday?
Denis: Yes, he did. He told me to stay in bed for a week. I must also drink hot milk with butter and honey.
Olena: You must follow the doctor’s advice, then you will feel better soon. Hope to see you at school next week. Bye!
Denis: Thank you for your call. Remember me to our classmates. Bye!
Children should have ten hours sleep every night. This will help us to be healthy. Exercises help us to be healthy, too. Our body also needs clean air to breathe.
Very often the cause of illness is dirt. Dirt is full of germs. They are too small but they are alive. Germs can get into our body and make us ill. We must keep our body clean.
1. Germs can get into our body through skin.
2. We need fresh air to breathe.
3. A toothache is very painful.
4. When we are ill, we feel unhappy.
5. You should regularly go in for sport.
6. Do you keep your home clean?
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