Несвит, 5. Unit 5. Lesson 5

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a) A. to take the medicine (pills)
B. to feel ill
C. to take smb home
D. to write a prescription
E. to go to the chemist’s
F. to examine the patient
G. to phone the mother
H. to feel better
b) 1h; 2b; 3g; 4c; 5f; 6d; 7a; 8e.
1. Suddenly I felt very cold. I had a headache.
2. My teacher phoned my mother.
3. My mother came soon, took me home and called a doctor.
4. The doctor visited me soon.
5. She examined my throat, listened my heart and lungs, looked my eyes and ears.
6. She told me to stay in bed.
7. I followed the doctor’s advice and soon I felt much better.
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