Несвит, 5. Unit 5. Lesson 6

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To keep fit we should go in for sport.
To keep fit we shouldn’t smoke.
To keep fit we shouldn’t go to bed late.
To keep fit we shouldn’t eat too much.
To keep fit we shouldn’t eat too many sweets.
To keep fit we should eat fruit and vegetables.
When the doctor visits his patient he usually feels the pulse, secs the tongue, tests the heart and lungs. After that the doctor gives medicine we should take several times a day.
a) 1. to feel smb’s pulse
2. to see smb’s tongue
3. to listen to smb’s heart and lungs
4. to examine the patient
5. to buy medicines
6. to make notes
7. to follow the doctor’s advice
b) When we are ill we have to follow the doctor’s advice.
The doctor examines the patient and then makes notes.
My mother bought me some medicines when I was ill.
Peter is six. He had a very bad toothache last week. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t play, he couldn’t sleep at night. Peter’s father took him to the dentist. The dentist pulled out Peter’s tooth.
Peter cried and said, “Oh, how shall I eat now?” But the doctor said, “Don’t cry, little boy! Your tooth will grow again”.
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