Несвит, 5. Unit 5. Lesson 7

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People: a dentist, a girl, a man, a woman, a boy, a doctor, a patient,
Parts of the Body: a tooth, a back, an elbow, a nose, a mouth, a head, an arm
Problems: an earache, a backache, a bad cold, a pain, a headache
1. The dentist thought, “The man is a patient”.
2. The second patient needed three pills.
3. The man in the dentist’s office didn’t want to pay much money.
4. The man wants the dentist to pull out his wife’s tooth.
5. In the second joke, the doctor gave the patient three bottles of pills.
6. The doctor taught the patient to take the pills with a lot of water.
1. I liked the second joke.
2. I don’t like the man described in the first joke.
3. The pills were of three colours: green, blue and red. The doctor gave so many pills because the patient wasn’t drinking enough water.
1. The doctor is examining the patient now.
2. Did the doctor prescribe you some medicines?
3. John visits his dentist regularly.
4. When the doctor came, he listened to Bob’s lungs.
5. Jella was ill last week. She had a bad cold.
6. Do you always take pills when you are ill?
7. I think my brother will be better soon.
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