Несвит, 5. Unit 6. Lesson 1

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a) People can travel by plane.
People can travel by car.
People can travel by train.
People can travel by bus.
People can travel by ship.
People can travel by taxi.
People can travel by boat.
People can travel by double-decker.
People can travel on foot.
b) Travelling by boat is cheaper than travelling by taxi.
Travelling on foot is slow.
Travelling by plane is sometimes dangerous.
Travelling by plane is faster than travelling by bus.
Travelling by train is comfortable.
Travelling by car is expensive.
1. People are fond of travelling.
2. They travel for pleasure or on business.
3. People have packed their luggage into their suitcases, bags or rucksacks.
4. Travelling broadens our mind!
Travelling broadens our mind!
1. modern airplanes
2. to go sightseeing
3. comfortable trains
4. to enjoy nature
5. to pack one’s luggage
6. to learn about people’s traditions
7. to visit well-known museums
8. places full of wonders
9. to travel on horseback
10. to broaden our mind
1. Yes, I like to travel very much.
2. Best of all I like travelling by train and by car.
3. Last time I travelled last summer.
4. I enjoyed my travelling because I met many interesting people, saw places full of wonders, visited theatres and cinemas.
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