Несвит, 5. Unit 6. Lesson 3

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1. Yes, I have travelled by train. I travelled by train last summer.
2. I went to Moscow by train.
3. I went there with my parents.
4. I liked the trip very much.
5. Through the train window I saw rivers, forests and cities.
6. The trains stop at the railway stations.
1. The passengers usually hurry up because they don’t want to be late and miss the train.
3. A person who is late for the train misses it.
4. The passengers must take their seats in time.
5. The engine gives the whistle and the train starts.
6. Travelling by train is comfortable.
7. The engine-driver drives the train.
I like to travel by train. It is comfortable and exciting. You can sit and look through the window. You can see fields and forests.
I also like to travel by bus. It is slower than travelling by train and it is not very comfortable. You can read a book or sleep in the bus. In some buses there is a TV set and you can watch a film.
I don’t like to travel on foot. It is tiring and boring for me.
a) Travelling by train is slower than travelling by plane. But Mary likes to travel by train. She went to her grandmother by train last summer. Her train was comfortable with a dining-car. She could see beautiful fields and forests through the window and read books.
b) I like to travel very much. My favourite means of transport is train. Last summer I went to my grandparents by train. It was a fast train. There was a dining-car in it and we had dinner there. We went in the sleeping-car and it was very comfortable. During the journey I read a book and looked through the window.
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