Несвит, 5. Unit 6. Lesson 4

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1. I will travel around London by bus. I like London buses. They are unusual and travelling by them you can see the city well.
2. London buses are unusual because they are double-deckers. They have a driver and a conductor.
3. The underground is a fast way of travelling under the ground. It is rather safe and quick. There are usually many lines on the underground. We can buy a ticket from the ticket-office or from the automatic machine.
4. London taxis are well-known all over the world. They are black and their shape is special.
1. Look at the sign on the front, the side or the back of the bus to know where the bus is going.
2. When you get on the bus, the conductor says, “Fares, please”.
3. You can get to most places in London very quickly by the underground.
4. All the lines of the underground are of different colour on the map.
5. Now the taxi drivers have their cabs in black.
6. They have to know all the routes around the capital perfectly.
1. Our class goes to the railway station.
2. When we come back to school, we will draw pictures of airplanes.
3. John likes travelling by bike and on horseback, too.
4. The train starts at two o’clock.
5. We want to show these photos to our friends.
6. It takes too little time to get there by taxi.
7. You can get to most places in London by the underground, too.
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