Несвит, 5. Unit 6. Lesson 6

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— What are you doing tomorrow?
— Nothing special. Why?
— Let’s go to the Art Gallery. There is a new exhibition there.
— Well, you know I don’t like modern painting much.
— It’s not the exhibition of modern painters. The Gallery presents some famous pictures by the Ukrainian and Russian artists of the 19th century. I think it is very interesting.
— What time shall we meet?
— We can meet at twelve o’clock. Is it suitable for you?
— Oh, no. I have to help my mum to go shopping at twelve. Let’s meet at half past one. Is the ticket expensive?
— No, it is about five hryvnias.
— Great. I’ll call at you then.
— Great! See you tomorrow.
— Bye.
Ann: So, what shall we do this weekend?
Kim: Let’s go camping.
Ann: Camping? That’s a good idea!
Kim: Where shall we go?
Ann: How about going to Brighton? There are some good camp-sites there. Kim: Yes, all right. Brighton is fine with me. How shall we get there?
Ann: Why don’t we go by train?
Kim: It’s quite comfortable to travel by car but it’s cheaper to go by bus. Ann: Let’s go by bus, then.
Kim: OK.
a) 1. turn right
2. turn left
3. go along
4. go round
5. on the left
6. on the right
7. go into
8. go out of
Last Friday Tony and his family had a trip to Brighton. Brighton is a nice place near London. It is easy to get there by car or by train. Tony’s family hasn’t got a car. They got to the railway station by bus and travelled to Brighton by train. It took them about an hour to get there. The family had a wonderful time in Brighton.
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