Несвит, 5. Unit 6. Lesson 8

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1. It’s Sunday morning. Mr Smith is reading a newspaper. He usually reads newspapers in the park on Sunday morning.
2. While Mrs Parker was cooking a cake yesterday, Molly slept in her bedroom.
3. It’s six o’clock in the afternoon. Steve is doing his homework. He usually does his homework at this time.
4. Ann and Dan are in the cafe now. They are eating ice-cream. They usually eat ice-cream in this cafe.
5. It’s eight o’clock in the evening. Mr Parker usually works on his computer every evening, but today he isn’t working on it. He is very tired.
6. The water is running in the kitchen. Ann is washing up the dishes. She always helps her mother to wash up after dinner.
1. Alice collected stamps and dolls last year.
2. The rivers usually freeze in winter.
3. Patric was swimming in the sea when Bob came to the beach.
4. They were flying in the plane at this time yesterday.
5. They met at the seaside last year.
A Picture of a Mushroom
One day a Frenchman who travelled in Sweden came to a restaurant. The Frenchman did not know the Swedish and nobody could speak French at the restaurant. He wanted to have mushrooms for his breakfast. He called a waiter and asked him to bring him some mushrooms. But the waiter could not understand what the Frenchman wanted.
Then the Frenchman took a piece of paper and a pencil and drew a picture of a mushroom. The waiter looked at the picture and left the room at once.
Five minutes later he returned with an umbrella!
No Crocodiles
A tourist has a rest in a seaside town. One day he decided to go and bathe in the sea. He asked a guide, “Are you sure there are no crocodiles here?” “Oh, no,” answered the guide. “There are no crocodiles here”. The tourist was no longer afraid.
He jumped into water and swam about for a long time. Then he returned to the shore and asked the guide again: “What makes you sure there aren’t any crocodiles here?” “The crocodiles are too clever”, answered the guide. “They never appear here because they are afraid of sharks”.
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