Несвит, 5. Unit 7. Lesson 10

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A: How can I get to London?
B: By bus or by plane.
A: How much is the ticket?
B: About € 200.
A: How long is the journey?
B: About three hours.
A: When will I arrive in London?
B: At 7.00 in the morning.
In my family we usually eat a lot of meat, and we do not eat much fruit. At the moment, my cousin George is staying with us. He is a vegetarian, he doesn’t cat meat and lie eats a lot of fruit. So just at the moment we are not eating any meat and we are eating a lot of fruit.
a) 1D; 2A; ЗС; 4B.
c) 1. Where is Great Britain situated? Great Britain is situated on the British Isles.
2. What is the weather like in Britain in summer and in winter? It is not very hot in summer and it is not very cold in winter.
3. Is the weather rainy? Yes, the weather is rainy in all seasons.
4. What does cover the country in autumn and in winter? Thick fogs cover the most part of the country.
5. Are there big forests on the British Isles? No, there are no big forests on the British Isles.
6. What animals you can see in English woods? Y ou can see foxes, squirrels, hares, hedgehogs and other animals.
7. Do English people love animals? Yes, they do. They have lots of pets at home.
St Valentine’s Day
February 14th is St Valentine’s Day. Boys and girls as well as grown-ups send cards named valentines to their friends. A valentine is a funny little picture with a little poem on it. Schoolchildren like to buy or to make valentines for their friends and teachers. They usually make a mail-box with a slit on the top, where they can post their valentines. At the end of the day they open the box and take out valentines. The boy or girl, who gets more valentines than the other children, feels very happy.
Dear friend,
I want to congratulate you with this nice holiday.
I wish you luck and happiness,
Love …
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