Несвит, 5. Unit 7. Lesson 5

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b) 1. What is nature like in the village? The nature in the village is beautiful. There is usually a river or a forest near the villages.
2. What do the farmers grow in the fields? The farmers grow corn and vegetables in the fields.
3. Where do people work? The people work in the fields and on the farms.
4. Where do people live? The people live in the houses, village cottages.
5. What can you see in the village? In the village you can see different domestic animals.
6. What can you do in the village? We can go to the forest or to the river. We can help our grandparents in the kitchen garden or in the garden.
1. The farmers live and work in the fields and on the farms.
2. An English village has several houses, a village shop, a church and a pub, but it doesn’t have school.
3. There are many different farms in England: sheep farms, cattle farms, dairy farms, poultry farms and others.
4. Fields in England are not very large.
5. Farmers have much work to do all year round both in the fields and on the farms.
Peter Brown is a farmer. In the morning he milks the cows and cleans the milking shed. After that he has breakfast. After breakfast Peter takes the calves to the market. Then he has lunch at twelve o’clock. After that he checks the equipment and does repairs.
1. When does Peter Brown get up?
2. Is he a good farmer? Why?
3. What does lie do in the morning?
4. When does he have breakfast?
5. What does lie do after breakfast?
6. When does he have lunch?
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