Несвит, 5. Unit 7. Lesson 6

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The girl in the first picture is wearing a beautiful pink dress and red shoes. She looks pretty.
The woman in the second picture is wearing a hat, a pink jacket and blue jeans. She has got a handbag and an umbrella in her hands.
The girl in the third picture is wearing an orange raincoat and green high boots. She has got an umbrella in her hands.
1. In Great Britain men wear suits, shirts and trousers.
2. The women wear dresses, blouses and skirts; some of them wear trousers, too.
3. In summer they wear trousers, shirts, dresses, blouses and skirts. They wear shoes.
4. In winter they wear raincoats, coats and hats. They also wear boots.
5. The schoolchildren wear school uniform.
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