Несвит, 5. Unit 7. Lesson 7

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b) The traditional English house is small. The houses stand close together and they have small yards with gardens. There are usually two floors in the houses. A hall and a kitchen are usually downstairs. Bedrooms are usually upstairs. There are usually two or three bedrooms in the house.
1. Most English people live in small houses.
2. In the traditional English house there are usually two floors.
3. On the ground floor there is a hall, a kitchen, a dining-room and a living- room.
4. The kitchen is on the ground floor.
5. The bedrooms are upstairs, on the first floor.
6. The most comfortable room in the house is the living-room.
7. The members of the family gather there in the evening. They watch TV, read books and discuss the news of the day.
This room is usually upstairs, on the first floor. There are two or three such rooms in the house. There is a bed in it. There is a shelf above the bed. There is a window with curtains in it.
This room is usually downstairs, on the ground floor. It is very large. People cook meals and eat in this room. There is a table and some chairs in it. There are cupboards and a stove in this room.
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