Несвит, 5. Unit 8. Lesson 5

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1. The geographical centre of Europe is situated not far from Rakhiv, a town in Western Ukraine.
2. Steve visited some cities in Western Ukraine.
3. Kolomiya is famous for the Museum of Folk Art.
4. Steve visited the Museum of Folk Art in Kolomiya.
5. Yes, he liked it.
6. Yes, he knows about the monument to Ukrainian Pysanka in Canada.
— What museum has Dan been to?
— Dan has been to the Museum of Western and Eastern Art. He has seen a good exhibition of painting there.
— Who has been to the Ukrainian Historical Museum?
— Peter has been there. He has seen the exhibition of the ancient weapons.
1. What has she already seen?
2. What has they already visited?
3. What place has Tom never heard before?
4. What have your parents already read in their life?
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