Несвит, 5. Unit 8. Lesson 9

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1. Ukrainian people celebrate Christmas, New Year, Easter, Victory Day, the Day of Independence every year.
2. My family celebrates New Year, Easter, Christmas, May Day, Victory Day and many other Ukrainian holidays.
3. We always get together to have a good time with the members of our family.
4. It is important to keep the traditions of the country for future generations to know the history and life of the country.
1. A letter from your pen-friend is about Ukrainian traditions.
2. There are traditional and public holidays in Ukraine.
3. We don’t study on public holidays.
4. The most beloved holiday in Ukraine is Christmas.
5. The family usually gathers together for a holiday supper of twelve dishes.
6. All holidays are the days which make everybody happy.
1. Christmas is the most beloved holiday in Ukraine.
2. The main dish at Christmas supper is “kutya”.
3. We don’t work and study on public holidays.
4. Ukrainians usually have a traditional holiday supper which consists of twelve dishes.
5. Kolyadkas usually end the Christmas evening.
6. All holidays are the days which make everybody happy.
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