Несвит, 6. Unit 1. Lesson 3

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1. — love their children
2. — love their parents
A 4 2 5 1 3
B 3 2 4 1 5
My Father
This is photo of my father. He’s got an oval face. His eyes are green. He is a handsome man. He is friendly but strict.
My father loves gardening. He is also fond of sports. His favourite sport is football. We often watch together the football matches on TV. My father enjoys driving. I think that my father is best one.
My mother
This is photo of my mother. She is a pretty woman. She’s got green eyes and blond hair. She is kind and kind-hearted.
My mother likes reading and knitting. She also loves shopping. We’ve got a lot of interesting things in our flat.
My mum understand me. We always talk about my school life and my friends. I often ask my mum for advice.
A — How many sisters and brothers do you have?
В — I have one little sister. What about you?
— I am the only child in the family. I don’t have any sisters and brothers.
— Is it better to be eldest, youngest child or middle child? Why?
— It is better to be youngest, child, because parents allow you everything,
— It is better to be the eldest child, because you can play with your younger sister or brother, teach him or her.
1. She always listens my school stories.
2. When I am hungry, she always cooks some delicious foods.
3. She always helps me with my homework.
1. There are three children in that family.
2. Inna’s best friend is Eva.
3. Eva is a good cooker.
4. They do homework, cook, laugh with jokes when they are together.
My sister Inna is a good eater. She always asks me to help her with her homework. Sometimes she listens to my funny stories. She also tells me about her friends and school life. Besides, we solve her problems together. When we are together we are happy.
My name is Helen. I am the eldest sister in my family . I have a little sister. My sister’s name is Tanya. I think I am her best friend. I like her because she is a kind girl. She always asks me to help her with homework.
She always speaks me about her school life. I give her advice ho w to solve her problems. I love her very much.
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