Несвит, 6. Unit 1. Lesson 4

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1. — I think so too. Brothers and sisters can help each other.
2. — I think so too. Because the youngest in the family is the lovest in the family.
1. Kate likes her aunt Lyudmyla the best in her family.
2. She has thick, straight brown hair and dark brown eyes.
3. The girl likes the most about her aunt is her smile’.
4. Her aunt is very active person.
My aunt has got an oval face. My aunt is polite, intelligent and smart.
Her hobby is sewing. Her favourite food is grapes. Her favourite sport is running. She has fishes.
I have one aunt, she is my mother’s sister. Her name is Nelly. She has thick, straight long blond hair and big brown eyes. She’s got a nice face. She is strict, but you can always ask her for advice. My aunt likes reading, cooking and sewing. She is a very active person.
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