Несвит, 6. Unit 1. Lesson 5

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1. — I think so too. If you the only child in the family, you have presents, you have your own room and parents love only you.
2. — I think so too. If brothers and sisters love each other, they must always help and support each other, because they are family.
I can see Dan, Oles, Marla and Vira in the photo.
1. Dan is writing to Alex.
2. Dan’s friends’ names are Oles, Natalie, Maria and Vira.
3. The friends are in the park.
4. He writes how they look like.
1. The girl on the left hand is really good.
2. The boy looks nice.
3. The girl looks like a model
4. The girl is rather nice.
5. The boy is extremely fashion
6. The girl has got quite face
7. The boy looks as if he has good mood.
I like patient people with a good sense of humor. I don’t like curious and lazy people.
1. Polite
2. Smart
3. Talented
4. Energetic
5. Patient and kind-hearted
6. Charming
7. Hard-working
8. Brilliant
My friend’s name is Vita. She is sociable and patient girl. She isn’t greedy and moody. She has a good sense of humor. And she isn’t lazy. I like my friend.
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