Несвит, 6. Unit 2. Lesson 1

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— We can buy many things in the super-market.
— We can buy ready-clothes in the department store.
— We can buy bread in the baker’s shop.
— We can buy meat in the butcher’s shop.
— We can buy vegetables and fruit in the greengrocer’s shop.
— We can buy sausages in the grocer’s shop.
— We can buy milk in the dairy shop.
— We can buy toys in the toy store.
3 2 4 1 5
1. Steve is at the greengrocery shop.
2. Dan is at butcher shop.
3. Kim is at department store.
4. Steve is at toyshop.
5. Alex is at baker shop.
— I would like to buy sweets.
— I would like to buy fruit.
— I would like to buy spaghetti.
— I would like to buy CD.
— I would like to buy toy-car.
1. Butcher’s
2. Greengrocer’s
3. Baker’s
4. Supermarket
5. Department store
I like to go to the supermarket. The customers choose the goods they want and pay at the cash desks. Most shops have store detectives who have job catching shoplifters. There are no salesmen, but only cashiers.
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