Несвит, 6. Unit 2. Lesson 6

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Hryvnias, kopiykas, pounds, pence, penny, dollars, centre, penny, a nickel, dime, quarter.
— How much is this cup, please?
— 19 pounds. How many would you like?
— I’ll take five, please.
— How would you like to pay?
— In cash. Here you are.
— Thank you. Here’s your receipt and your change.
I might buy a loaf of bread, butter, sausage and tea. The loaf of bread is 4 hryvnias, the butter is 15 hryvnias, the sausage is 30 hryvnias and tea is 15 hryvnias. I might have change 136 hryvnias.
I bought a loaf of bread at the baker’s.
It costs 4 hryvnias.
I bought butter. It costs 15 hryvnias.
I bought the sausage. It costs 30 hryvnias.
I bought a tea. It costs 15 hryvnias.
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