Несвит, 6. Unit 3. Lesson 1

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Fruit: nuts, apple, plum, pie apple, apricot, pear;
Vegetables: cabbage, onion, cucumber, tomato, beans;
Meat / fish: hamburgers;
Dairy products: butter, cheese, ice-cream, milk, source-cream;
Sweets/bakery: sweets, chocolate, cake, jam, bread, biscuit;
Other: eggs, macaroni, flour.
1. Usually for breakfast I have a sandwich and a cup of tea. Breakfast — it is a morning meal.
2. Lunch is usually bigger for me. Lunch is a daily meal. Dinner is an evening meal.
3. The main course of meal in my family is borsch. Main course is the favourite course of the family.
4. My favourite Ukrainian dish is borsch. Dish is a course of meal.
5. My favourite desert is fruit salad. Desert is a delicious dish.
6. No, I don’t, cereal is flakes with milk or water.
I like sandwiches. I usually have sandwiches in my lunch box. I also like to eat tasty things, such as cheese and butter. I like to eat these things.
I usually eat head, butter and Sausage for breakfast at home.
I always eat macaroni and eggs at school.
1. People can’t live without food.
2. Yes, there are several kinds of food.
3. No, meat, fish and milk help you to grow.
4. No, vegetables, eggs, cornflakes make your bones and teeth strong.
5. Yes, they are.
6. No, there are thirteen types of vitamins.
1. Sweet
2. Sour
3. bitter
4. Spicy
5. Salty
1. Sweet, a lemon
2. Pepper, bitter
3. Milk, sweet
4. Tea, spicy
5. Soup, salty
I must eat bread, sugar, meat, butter, cheese, rice to make me strong and give me energy.
I must eat meat, fish and milk to grow up.
I must eat vegetables and fruit to got a lot of vitamins.
But I don’t eat right food, because I don’t like dairy products.
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