Несвит, 6. Unit 3. Lesson 3

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I usually have sausage and sandwich for breakfast. I usually have borsch and pampushki for dinner.
I like bread and butter, sausage and sour milk for breakfast.
I quiet like sandwiches, boiled meat and vegetables for breakfast.
I don’t like porridge, fish soup and stewed fruit for dinner.
I prefer borsch, pampushki, cutlets, mashed potato and sour milk for dinner.
Jane prefers to eat borsch most of all.
Tom prefers to eat all of main course.
1. The big breakfast
2. The main course, the second course and a dessert.
3. Dinner
4. Meat or fish dish with garnish
5. Dessert
6. Ice-cream
It’s important to have hot soup for dinner.
— I think so too. I like to have hot soup or borsch for dinner.
You can eat as many sweets as you want.
— I don’t think so, because it’s bad for your teeth. You should eat many fruit and vegetables.
In our family we have main course, the second course and a dessert. I start my dinner with a salad. Then we eat borsch with pampushki. After that we have the second course. It contains meat or fish with garnish. As garnish we usually have potato or rice, or macaroni. We finish our dinner with juice and cakes.
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