Несвит, 6. Unit 3. Lesson 5

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1. Spicy
2. Tasty
3. Raw
4. Vegetarian
5. Frozen
6. Fried
7. Fresh
8. Sweet
Spicy — spicy tea, spicy coffee
Tasty — tasty soup, tasty cutlets
Raw — raw meat, raw vegetables
Vegetarian — vegetarian dish, vegetarian sandwich
Frozen — frozen meal, frozen water
Fried — fried potato, fried meat
Fresh — fresh vegetables, fresh juice
Sweet — sweet tea, sweet coffee
1. Breakfast
2. Dinner
3. The biggest meal
4. Three courses
5. Fish fillets with garnish
6. A bite
7. A bite
8. Supper
1. T
2. T
3. T
4. F
5. T
6. F
1. Is the tea one of the most popular drinks in the world?
2. What kind of tea do people in Ukraine drink?
3. What kind of tea do people in England drink?
4. Does tea come from the leaves of a planet?
5. Where is tea grown up?
6. Where does tea grow?
— Why should you eat different food?
— I should eat different food because its needs for my healthy.
— Why fruits and vegetables are important for good health?
— The fruits and vegetables are important for good health because they are good for our eyes, skin and teeth.
— Can snacks be part of your diet?
— No, they can’t.
— Do you like meat?
— Yes, I do.
The Ukrainians have meals four times a day and their course is quiet varied. We have breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Our dishes are delicious and tasty. The main Ukrainian dish is borsch. It’s a favourite Ukrainian course. I like it very much too.
Dear Ann.
As you know we will have a picnic next Sunday. We will have different food. As for me I will take sausages, eggs, onions, cucumbers, bread and cheese. You can take all of food you like to eat. I hope to see you soon.
Yours, Sue.
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