Несвит, 6. Unit 3. Lesson 7

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1. Doesn’t much
2. Is
3. Had
4. Worked
5. Got
6. Stopped
7. Was building
8. Making
9. Teased
10. Decided
11. Were
12. Was
Yoghurt and cream, the same, different, made of milk, sweet and tasty, yogurt liquid pour cream puff pour, yoghurt cream.
— This doll looks friendly!
— Oh, no! It looks scary.
— This crocodile looks friendly!
— Oh. no! It looks awful!
— This rule looks easy!
— Oh, no! it looks difficult.
— This brush looks soft!
— Oh, no! It looks rough!
Dear Vita!
Thank you for you wonderful party. I want to say that I liked all- tasty and delicious dishes. Especially Hiked well-cooked apple-pie. Thank you for atmosphere at the party. It was friendly and relaxing. Especially I liked great music and games. See you later.
Yours, Helen.
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