Несвит, 6. Unit 4. Lesson 5

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1. I know that horse riding is a summer sport and hockey is a winter sport game.
2. I like summer sports such as: football and horse-riding and I like winter sports such as: hockey and figure-skating.
3. Children like to play football, basketball, volleyball and hockey.
4. My favourite game is hockey.
5. I like to watch game on TV best!
6. I think so, because it’s interesting and healthy.
1. Maryna goes in for swimming. She attends the swimming pool. She trains in the swimming pool twice a week.
2. Oleksandr does karate. He attends the Sport Club. He trains in the Sport Club twice a week.
3. Jana plays badminton. She attends a school gym. She trains on the school gym once a week.
— Is it a team game?
— Yes, it is.
— Is it a water sport?
— Yes, it is.
— Is it swimming?
— Yes, it is. It is swimming.
1. If you want to play tennis well, you should do exercises to relax your arms.
2. If you want to have good sports results, you should eat healthy food, to give you energy.
3. If you want running well, you should wear comfortable Shoes not to injure your feet.
— Oh, hi Alex. I know that you had basketball competition yesterday. What team did win the game?
— Yes, I did. Our school team won the game.
— Oh, it is wonderful. And how long have you trained to become the winners?
— We have trained a lot of time and hardly.
— Where have you trained?
— We have trained in our school gym four times a week.
— Oh, and who is your trainer?
— Our trainer is our school PE teacher.
I think basketball is a wonderful sport game. We can play all the year round. We can play in different gyms. We can play in the morning and in the evening. Basketball makes us strong and healthy.
Basketball is a good game for everyone. But it is popular more with young people. I started playing basketball three years ago. And I train four times a week in my school gym. It’s fun!
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