Несвит, 6. Unit 4. Lesson 7

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1. I think it’s better to watch sport than to go in for it. You may sit in a comfortable arm-chairs and eat chips or pizza and enjoy the game.
2. Sport helps people to make good friends. You may train with your team. And your team is your friends.
Melanie has become the basketball team member because the team needed one more player.
1. F
2. Т
3. Т
4. Т
5. F
6. Т
1. Can I skate with Ben after lunch?
2. Can Ann jump very well?
3. Why couldn’t they win that game?
4. How long had you to wait for your turn?
1. Can
2. Couldn’t, can
3. Couldn’t
4. Must
5. Must
6. Couldn’t
7. Must
Kate is twelve. She lives just outside Sydney, Australia. Her favourite sport is horse-riding. She goes riding every weekend. She started at the age of eight and she is quite good now. Sometimes she entered jumping competitions. Here in Sydney lots of people have horses. She rode her aunt’s horse Twinkie. She loves a horse, cleans and feeds it.
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