Несвит, 6. Unit 4. Lesson 8

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— What.is your favourite sport?
— What sport are you good at?
— What sport would you like to be good at?
— Where do you usually play sports?
— Do you like to watch sports on TV or at the stadium?
1. They enjoy playing football there.
2. The children will, enjoy going many kinds of sports and games.
3. The girls will enjoy to go in for figure-skating.
4. I am going to watch a match of our favourite team.
1. Shannon plays tennis three times a week.
2. Shannon goes skiing once a month in winter.
3. Shannon does gymnastics twice a week.
4. Shannon goes swimming every weekend in summer.
My favourite kind of sports is basketball. We can play basketball all the year round. We can play in different gyms. Basketball makes us strong and healthy. I started playing basketball three years ago. And I train four times a week in my school gym. I am a captain of my school basketball team. It’s fun!
Water sports: boating, swimming;
Adventure sports: skateboarding, hockey, cycling;
Ball games: basketball, golf, table tennis, football, volleyball, tennis;
Other individual sports: horse-riding, athletics, karate, skating, skiing, running, boxing, wrestling.
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