Несвит, 6. Unit 5. Lesson 1

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1. People can get from one place to another by train.
2. By bus
3. By car
4. By ship
5. On foot
— I think travelling by plane is faster than by ship
— I agree with you. Travelling by ship is the slowest way of travelling.
1. B
2. D
3. F
4. E
5. A
6. C
1. People like to go sightseeing, enjoy nature and learn more about people’s traditions.
2. I think that it is travelling by plane, but it is expensive.
3. The people pack their luggage into the suitcases.
4. People learn about history, geography, traditions while travelling.
It is a very interesting way of travelling. You can take your friends. You can find some beautiful place on the bank of the river. You can take things for sleeping and cooking with you. You can swim, sunbathe, play, fishing, boating. (on foot)
1. Yes, I do.
2. I like travelling by car best of all.
3. I travelled last summer.
4. Yes, I did. I enjoyed my travelling because it was comfortable and interesting.
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