Несвит, 6. Unit 6. Lesson 5

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1. Bond Street and Mayfair
2. Oxford Street
3. Regent Street and Jermyn Street
4. Westfield London
5. Oxford Street
6. Westfield London
Historic — modern
Old — new
Boring — interesting
Crowded — empty
Cheap — expensive
Delicious — disgusting
Friendly — unfriendly
Quiet — noisy
O: Did you have a nice holiday in London?
B: Yes, thanks. It was good. We saw the most famous landmarks. We also looked round some museums and watched a show at the Globe Theatre. We didn’t try to do too much.
O: Which museum did you go to?
В: I didn’t. I got to know much there.
O: It’s fascinating, isn’t it? And what show did you watch?
B: Oh, a musical about monsters. I didn’t like it.
O: And did Susan enjoy the holidays?
B: Yes, she did. She did some shopping, too.
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