Несвит, 6. Unit 7. Lesson 2

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1. Turn left or right.
2. Take the second turning on the left / right
3. On the left / right
4. Excuse me.
5. Keep going
6. Go along here/there
7. Do you know the way
Horodetsky House or The House with Chimeras is one of the weirdest, but the most popular building in Kyiv. It was designed by the architect Vladyslav Horodetsky and completed in 1902. The building is decorated with an exotic animals and creatures such as elephants, rhinoceros, and dolphins, because of Horodetsky’s passion for hunting .The house is situated on Bankova Street, opposite the office of the President of Ukraine.
The house with Chimeras is used for government and presidential receptions and is not open to the public.
1. What film has she already seen about?
2. What museum have they already visited?
3. Has Tom ever heard of this place before?
4. What books have your parents read about?
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