Несвит, 6. Unit 8. Lesson 2

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1. Example
2. (Peter)
A: What subjects does Peter like?
B: He likes Geography, but he doesn’t like Spanish.
A: Does he like Science?
B: Yes, he does. He likes Science, too.
3. (Mandy)
A: What subjects does Mandy like?
B: She likes Drama and she really likes Music.
A: Does she like History?
B: No, she doesn’t .History is not her favourite subject.
4. (Tony)
A: What subjects does Tony like?
B: He likes Computer Studies.
A: Does-he like Science?
B: No, he doesn’t.
1. “I like Music and Drama.” — Mandy likes Music and Drama.
2. “I like English but I don’t like Science” — Tony likes English but he doesn’t like Science.
3. “I don’t like Spanish.” — Peter doesn’t like Spanish.
4. “I like Geography and Science.” — Peter likes Geography and Science.
5. “I really hate Maths.” — Carol doesn’t like / hates Maths.
6. “Hike English but I don’t like Maths.” — Carol likes English but she doesn’t like Maths.
7. “My favourite subject is Computer Studies.” — Tony likes Computer Studies.
8. “I hate History.” — Mandy doesn’t like / hates History.
9. “My favourite subject is PE ” — Carol likes PE.
1. teacher
2. university
3. library
4. excursion
5. lesson
6. test
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