Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 7. Шаг 3, страница 109

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Послушай и напиши ответы.
1) His name was Victor.
2) To Moscow (They invited him to go to Moscow).
3) Yes, they did.
4) By train (They decided to go to Moscow by train).
5) Yes, they did.
Напиши как ты путешествовал.
I travelled by bus in the morning. I travelled by car last Sunday. I travelled by plane last summer. I travelled by train last winter. I travelled by ship last month.
Напиши ответы.
1) on Monday;
2) to the sea;
3) my granny;
4) my friends;
5) last Sunday.
Посмотри и напиши, что Генри пытался сделать вчера.
1) Henry tried to skate yesterday.
2) He tried to ski yesterday.
3) He tried to cook yesterday.
4) He tried to ride a horse yesterday.
5) He tried to drive a car yesterday.
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