Учебник 1. Unit 2. Мой день. Шаг 7, страница 55

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Послушай вопросы и кратко ответь.
1) Не is washing his car.
2) She is sitting on the chair.
3) She is reading a book.
4) Yes, it is.
5) Yes, they are.
6) She is eating an apple.
Послушай и скажи, чем заняты дети.
1) Mark is washing the plates.
2) Ted is watching television.
3) Rose is finishing her homework.
4) Will is playing computer games.
5) Alice is cooking.
Выбери только верные предложения.
1) He’s a general.
2) Jeff Green is on the plane.
3) Is this your bag?
4) The general is saying: “No, it’s not.”
5) Mr Green is drinking.
6) He’s looking at Jane.
7) He’s listening to Jane.
8) Jane is saying: “Are you fine?”
9) Jeff Green is saying: “I’m OK, thank you
А. Чтение.
В. Скажи, какие утверждения верны.
True — 2; 4; 5.
False — 1; 3; 6.
Посмотри и скажи, что сейчас делают дети.
1) Jason is washing up
2) Amy is swimming in the swimming pool
3) Andrew is taking a driving lesson.
4) Fanny is having breakfast.
5) Lenny is taking a shower.
6) Melissa is getting up
Расскажи, что обычно делает Рон Тейлор каждый день.
2) Ron dresses and has a shower.
3) Ron has breakfast.
4) Ron goes to work at eight.
5) Ron usually has lunch at work.
6) After work Ron usually goes to the shops.
7) He comes home at seven.
8) He watches television, reads books and listens to music.
9) He goes to bed at eleven o’clock.
Напиши диктант.
After, begin, wash, lesson, swimming pool, breakfast, every, take, come, dress.
Выполни задания 1 -5 в рабочей тетради.
Задание в учебнике.
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