Учебник 1. Unit 4. Посещение школы. Шаг 2, страница 99

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Послушай и скажи, какие неточности в рассказе.
The floor is not brown. It is dark yellow. The two cupboards are blue. There are five plants on the windowsills, not six. The low grey table is not at the window. It is next to the wall near the teacher’s table.
Ответь на вопросы о своей классной комнате.
1) My classroom is big.
2) It is light.
3) It is clean before and after classes.
4) The windows are white, the walls and desks are light blue.
5) The blackboard is white, the floor is brown and the door is white.
6) We have three windows in our classroom.
7) We have nine plants and they are in the pots.
8) The blackboard is between the window and the door.
9) We have some pictures on the walls.
10) No, we don’t. We don’t have a television in our classroom.
11) No, we don’t. We don’t have a clock in our classroom.
12) The teacher’s desk is in front of the class. It is light brown.
13) Yes, it is. It is nice and cosy. We like it.
Послушай и найди предложения с there is/there are и распредели их по группам.
1) There is an egg in the eggcup. There is a cake on the little plate. There is a long shelf on the wall. There is a cupboard near the window with some flowers on it.
2) There are two windows in the kitchen. There are three chairs near the table. There are some apples on the dish.
3) There is some milk in the jug. There is some coffee in the mug. There is some ice cream in the cup.
Скажи, что находится в различных местах.
А) 1) There is an egg in the egg cup.
2) There is an orange on the table.
3) There is a bee on the flower.
4) There is an armchair by the window.
5) There is a sofa in the living room.
6) There is a blackboard on the wall.
B) 1) There are some benches in the garden.
2) There are some plants on the windowsill.
3) There are some big classrooms on this floor.
4) There are some maps on the walls.
5) There are some new cups in the cupboard.
6) There arc some cute teddy bears in the toy shop.
C) 1) There is some ice on the lake.
2) There is some coffee in the cup.
3) There is some food on the shelf.
4) There is some ice cream on the apple pie.
5) There is some milk on the low table.
6) There is some birthday cake on the dish.
Работа с аудиозаписью.
Работа с аудиозаписью.
Скажи, сколько монет в каждом сундуке капитана Хука.
There are thirty-one coins in the purple chest.
There are forty-four coins in the red chest.
There are seventy-eight coins in the grey chest.
There are sixty-three coins in the blue chest.
There are fifty-seven coins in the black chest.
There are eighty-five coins in the pink chest.
There are ninety-nine coins in the green chest.
Выполни задания 1-5 в рабочей тетради.
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