Unit 103. Enough and too

Unit 103- Part A

103.1.jpggalka.jpgEnough goes after adjectives and adverbs:                                     

    •   I can’t run very far. I’m not fit enough.
  (not enough fit)
    •   Let’s go. We’ve waited long enough.
    •   Is Joe going to apply for the job? Is he experienced enough?

Compare too … and not … enough:

    •   You never stop working. You work too hard.  (= more than is necessary)
    •   You’re lazy. You don’t work hard enough.  (= less than is necessary)

Unit 103- Part B

galka.jpgEnough normally goes before nouns:

    •   I can’t run very far. I haven’t got enough energy (not energy enough)
    •   Is Joe going to apply for the job? Does he have enough experience?
    •   We’ve got enough money. We don’t need any more.
    •   Some of us had to sit on the floor because there weren’t enough chairs.

Note that we say:

    •   We didn’t have enough time (not the time wasn’t enough)
    •   There is enough money (not the money is enough)

You can use enough alone
(without a noun):
    •   We don’t need any more money. We’ve got enough.

Compare too much/many and enough:

    •   There’s too much furniture in this room. There’s not enough space.
    •   There were too many people and not enough chairs.

Unit 103- Part C

galka.jpgWe say enough/too … for somebody/something:

    •   We haven’t got enough money for a holiday.
    •   Is Joe experienced enough for the job?
    •   This shirt is too big for me. I need a smaller size.

But we say enough/too … to do something (not for doing).
For example:
    •   We haven’t got enough money to go on holiday.  (not for going)
    •   Is Joe experienced enough to do the job?
    •   They’re too young to get married. / They’re not old enough to get married.
    •   Let’s get a taxi. It’s too far to walk home from here.
    •   The bridge is just wide enough for two cars to pass each other.

Unit 103- Part D

galka.jpgWe say:


{slide=1 Complete the sentences using enough + the following words.}flag.jpgComplete the sentences using enough + the following words:
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}3    enough money
4    enough milk
5    warm enough
6    enough room
7    well enough
8    enough time
9    enough qualifications
10  big enough
11  enough cups{end-tooltip}

{xtypo_rounded3}big      chairs      cups      fit      milk      money      qualifications      room      time      warm      well {/xtypo_rounded3}

1    I can’t run very far. I’m not    fit enouth  .   
2    Some of us had to sit on the floor because there weren’t   enouth chairs  .   
3    I’d like to buy a car, but I haven’t got ____________ at the moment.
4    Have you got ____________ in your coffee or would you like some more?
5    Are you ____________? Or shall I switch on the hearing?
6    It’s only a small car. There isn’t ____________ for all of us.
7    Steve didn’t feel ____________ to go to work this morning.
8    I enjoyed my trip to Paris, but there wasn’t ____________ to do everything I wanted.
9    Do you think I’ve got ____________ to apply for the job?
10  Try this jacket on and see if it’s ____________ for you.
11  There weren’t ____________ for everybody to have coffee at the same time.

{/slide} {slide=2 Complete the answers to the questions.}

flag.jpgComplete the answers to the questions. Use too or enough + the word(s) in brackets.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}2    too busy to talk
3    too late to go
4    warm enough to sit
5    too shy to be
6    enough patience to be
7    too far away to hear
8    enough English to read{end-tooltip} 

{/slide} {slide=3 Make one sentence from two.}flag.jpgMake one sentence from two. Complete the new sentence using too or enough.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}2    This coffee is too hot to drink.
3    The piano was too heavy to move.
4    These apples aren’t / are not ripe enough to eat.
5    The situation is too complicated to explain.
6    The wall was too high to climb over.
7    This sofa isn’t / is not big enough for three people (to sit on).
8    Some things are too small to see without a microscope.{end-tooltip}

1    We couldn’t carry the boxes. They were too heavy.
      The boxes were too heavy to carry.                            
2    I can’t drink this coffee. It’s too hot.
      This coffee is _________________________________
3    Nobody could move the piano. It was too heavy.
      The piano ____________________________________
4    Don’t eat these apples. They’re nor ripe enough.
      These apples _________________________________
5    I can’t explain the situation. It is too complicated.
      The situation _________________________________
6    We couldn’t climb over the wall. It was too high.
      The wall ______________________________________
7    Three people can’t sit on this sofa. It isn’t big enough.
      This sofa _____________________________________
8    You can’t see some things without a microscope. They are too small.
      Some ________________________________________


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