Unit 112. Even

Unit 112- Part A

galka.jpgStudy this example situation:
    •    These photographs are really awful. Even I take better photographs than these. (and I’m certainly not a good photographer)
    •    He always wears a coat – even in hot weather.
    •    Nobody would help her – not even her best friend.
or      Not even her best friend would help her.

Unit 112- Part B

galka.jpgVery often we use even with the verb in the middle of a sentence (see Unit 110):

    •    Sue has travelled all over the world. She has even been to the Antarctic.
         (It’s especially unusual to go to the Antarctic, so she must have travelled a lot.)
    •    They are very rich. They even have their own private jet.

Study these examples with not even:
    •    I can’t cook. I can’t even boil an egg.
  (and boiling an egg is very easy)
    •    They weren’t very friendly to us. They didn’t even say hello.
    •    Jenny is very fit. She’s just run five miles and she’s not even out of breath.

Unit 112- Part C

galka.jpgYou can use even + comparative (cheaper / more expensive etc.):

    •    I got up very early, but Jack got up even earlier.
    •    I knew I didn’t have much money, but I’ve got even less than I thought.
    •    We were surprised to get a letter from her. We were even more surprised when she came to see us a few days later.

Unit 112- Part D

galka.jpgEven though / even when / even if112.2.jpg


{slide=1 Complete the sentences using even or not even.}

flag.jpgJulie, Sarah and Amanda are three friends who went on holiday together. Use the information given about them to complete the sentences using even or not even.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}2    even Amanda
3    not even Julie
4    even Amanda
5    even Sarah
6    not even Amanda{end-tooltip}
1    They stayed at a hotel. Everybody liked it,    even Sarah  .   
2    They arranged to meet. They all arrived on time, ____________.
3    They went to an art gallery. Nobody enjoyed it, ____________.
4    Yesterday they had to get up early. They all managed to do this, ____________.
5    They were together yesterday. They were all in a good mood, ____________.
6    None or them took any photographs, ____________.

{/slide} {slide=2 Make sentences with even.}flag.jpgMake sentences with even. Use the words in brackets.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}2    We even painted the floor.
3    She’s even met the prime minister.
4    You could even hear it from the next street.  or  You could even hear the noise from …
6    I can’t even remember her name.
7    There isn’t even a cinema.
8    He didn’t even tell his wife (where he was going).
9    I don’t even know the people next door.{end-tooltip}

1   Sue has been all over the world.
     (the Antarctic)      She has even been to the Antarctic.   
2   We painted the whole room.
     (the floor)  We ____________________________________
3   Rachel has met lots of famous people.
     (the prime minister)   She ____________________________________
4    You could hear the noise from a long way away.
     (from the next street)  You ____________________________________

In the following sentences you have to use not … even.

5    They didn’t say anything to us.
      (hello)      They didn’t even say hello.     
6    I can’t remember anything about her.
      (her name)  I ____________________________________
7    There isn’t anything to do in this town.
      (a cinema)   ____________________________________
8    He didn’t tell anybody where he was going.
      (his wife) ____________________________________
9    I don’t know anyone in our street.
      (the people next door) ____________________________________

{/slide} {slide=3 Complete the sentences using even.}flag.jpgComplete the sentences using even + comparative.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}2    even older
3    even better
4    even more difficult
5    even worse
6    even less{end-tooltip}

1    It was very hot yesterday, but today it’s   even hotter  .   
2    The church is 500 years old, but the house next to it is _______________.
3    That’s a very good idea, but I’ve got an _______________ one.
4    The first question was very difficult to answer. The second one was _______________.
5    I did very badly in the exam, but most of my friends did _______________.
6    Neither of us was hungry. I ate very little and my friend ate _______________.

{/slide} {slide=4 Put in if, even, even if or even though.}flag.jpgPut in if, even, even if or even though.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}2    if
3    even if
4    even
5    even though
6    Even
7    even though
8    even if
9    Even though{end-tooltip}

1       Even though    she can’t drive, she has bought a car.
2    The bus leaves in five minutes, but we can still catch it _________________ we run.
3    The bus leaves in two minutes. We won’t catch it now _________________ we run.
4    His Spanish isn’t very good – _________________ after three years in Spain.
5    His Spanish isn’t very good _________________ he’s lived in Spain for three years.
6    _________________ with the heating on, it was very cold in the house.
7    I couldn’t sleep _________________ I was very tired.
8    I won’t forgive them for what they did, _________________ they apologise.
9    _________________ I hadn’t eaten anything for 24 hours, I wasn’t hungry.

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