Unit 115. Unless, As long as, Provided / providing

Unit 115- Part A

Some more examples of unless:
   •    I’ll see you tomorrow unless I have to work late.
  (= except if I have to work late)
   •    There are no buses to the beach. Unless you have a car, it’s difficult to get there.
(= except if you have a car)
   •    ‘Shall I tell Liz what happened?’    ‘Not unless she asks you.’  (= only if she asks you)
   •    Sally hates complaining. She wouldn’t complain about something unless it was really bad.
(= except if it was really bad)
   •    We can take a taxi to the restaurant – unless you’d prefer to walk
(= except if you’d prefer to walk)

Instead of unless it is often possible to say if … not:
   •    Unless we leave now, we’ll be late,   
or   If we don’t leave now, we’ll …

Unit 115- Part B

galka.jpgAs long as etc.

Unit 115- Part C

galka.jpgWhen you are talking about the future, do not use will after unless / as long as / so long as / provided / providing. Use a present tense (see Unit 25):

   •    I’m not going out unless it stops raining.  (not unless it will stop)
   •    Providing the weather is good, we’re going to have a picnic. (not providing it will be good)


{slide=1 Write a new sentence with the same meaning.}flag.jpgWrite a new sentence with the same meaning. Use unless in your sentence.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}2    You won’t know what to do unless you listen carefully.
3    I’ll never speak to her again unless she apologises to me. or Unless she apologises to me, I’ll …
4    He won’t be able to understand you unless you speak very slowly.    or    Unless you speak very slowly, he …
5    The company will have to close unless business improves soon.    or   Unless business improves soon, the company …{end-tooltip}

1    You must try a bit harder or you won’t pass the exam.
      You won’t pass the exam unless you try a bit harder.       
2    Listen carefully or you won’t know what to do.
      You won’t know what to do __________________________
3    She must apologise to me or I’ll never speak to her again.
4    You have to speak very slowly or he won’t be able to understand you.
5    Business must improve soon, or the company will have to close.

{/slide} {slide=2 Write sentences with unless.}flag.jpgWrite sentences with unless.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}2    I’m not going (to the party) unless you go too.
3    The dog won’t attack you unless you move suddenly.
4    Ben won’t speak to you unless you ask him something.
5    The doctor won’t see you unless it’s an emergency.{end-tooltip}

1    The club isn’t open to everyone. You are allowed in only if you’re a member.
      You  aren’t allowed in the club unless you’re a member.       
2    I don’t want to go to the party alone. I’m going only if you go too.
      I’m not going _________________________________________
3    Don’t worry about the dog. It will attack you only if you move suddenly.
      The dog ______________________________________________
4    Ben isn’t very talkative. He’ll speak to you only if you ask him something.
      Ben __________________________________________________
5    Today is a public holiday. The doctor will see you only if it’s an emergency.
      The doctor ____________________________________________

{/slide} {slide=3 Choose the correct word or expression for each sentence.}flag.jpgChoose the correct word or expression for each sentence.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}2    unless
3    providing
4    as long as
5    unless
6    unless
7    provided
8    Unless
9    unless
10  as long as{end-tooltip}

1    You can borrow my car unless / as long as you promise not to drive too fast.  (as long as is correct)
1    I’m playing tennis tomorrow unless / providing it rains.
3    I’m playing tennis tomorrow unless / providing it doesn’t rain.
4    I don’t mind if you come home late unless / as long as you come in quietly.
5    I’m going now unless / provided you want me to stay.
6    I don’t watch TV unless / as long as I’ve got nothing else to do.
7    Children are allowed to use the swimming pool unless / provided they are with an adult.
8    Unless /provided they are with an adult, children are not allowed to use the swimming pool.
9    We can sit here in the corner unless / as long as you’d rather sit over there by the window.
10  A: Our holiday cost a lot of money.
      B:  Did it? Well, that doesn’t matter unless / as long as you enjoyed yourselves.

{/slide} {slide=4 Use your own ideas to complete these sentences.}flag.jpgUse your own ideas to complete these sentences.
{tooltip}Key.{end-link}Example answers:
2    it’s not too hot
3    there isn’t too much traffic
4    it isn’t raining
5    I’m in a hurry
6    you have something else to do
7    you pay it back next week
8    you take risks{end-tooltip}

1    We’ll be late unless    we get a taxi   .
2    I like hot weather as long as _____________________________.
3    It takes Kate about 20 minutes to drive to work provided _____________________________.
4    I don’t mind walking home as long as _____________________________.
5    I like to walk to work in the morning unless _____________________________.
6    We can meet tomorrow unless _____________________________.
7    You can borrow the money providing _____________________________.
8    You won’t achieve anything unless _____________________________.


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